Vogt Award for 2008

James R. Vogt Radiochemistry Scholarship – for an undergraduate or one graduate student enrolled in or proposing to undertake research in radio-analytical chemistry or analytical chemistry or analytical applications of nuclear science. Applicants must check the Vogt box on the ANS scholarship form.

James R. Vogt

Dr. James R. Vogt spent most of his professional career at the University of Missouri. At the time of his death, he was Program Manager for Nuclear Analysis at the Research Reactor Facility and was Professor of Nuclear Engineering. Dr. Vogt’s contributions to the field of radioanalytical chemistry were many and they have been recognized internationally by his appointments to the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry and of Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters and as a member of the International Program Committee on Modern Trends in Activation Analysis. The latter committee organizes the major international activation analysis conference held every four years. However, Dr. Vogt will be best remembered as the inspiration and organizer of the “Missouri” Conferences that, during the passing years, became the major forum for radioanalytical chemistry and its applications in the United States. These conferences (Nuclear Methods in Environment and Energy Research) were held as ANS Topical Meetings in 1971, 1974, 1977, and 1980, at the University of Missouri. The popularity and the increasing international character of these conferences resulted in the last “Missouri” conference being held as an International ANS Topical Conference in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in 1984. Dr. Vogt was also a member of the Program Committee for the 1978 and 1980 ANS Topical Meetings held in Mayaguez, PR. Thus, in a major sense, Jim Vogt was responsible for the growth in international stature of these ANS Topical Meetings in radioanalytical chemistry over the past decades. At the time of this death, he was a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference on Methods and Applications of Radioanalytical Chemistry to be held in Kona, Hawaii, April 1987. This ANS Topical Meeting was a major conference involving the Pacific Rim countries and was co-sponsored by ten international societies, in addition to ANS. This conference was the direct successor to the “Missouri” conferences and the previous Mayaguez ANS Topicals.

Radiation Science & Techonology Award

The Radiation Science and Technology Award consists of a plaque and a monetary award of $2,000. The award is normally presented during the Winter National Meeting of ANS to the nominee who is judged to have made the most outstanding creative application of radiation sciences and engineering principles.

This award was established in 1967 to recognize meritorious research or basic development from which there is particularly significant industrial application. The work may have been performed at any time in the past; it must have been fully published in an established scientific journal, and the results of the efforts must have been practically established although not necessarily in widespread use at the time the award is given.

Selection Method
Nominations for candidates for the award are invited by announcement in ANS News and by mail to the ANS Board of Directors, various ANS Division and Committee Chairs, and other appropriate individuals. Nominees need not be ANS members, and any ANS member can nominate a worthy candidate.

The Honors and Awards Committee of the Isotope and Radiation Division administers this award. That committee establishes the selection criteria and selects the recipient. It is anticipated that the number of individual recipients each year should be one, but special circumstances and considerations may result in no award or more than one. The National Honors and Awards Committee is available for consultation and support as appropriate.

The deadline for receipt of nominations isĀ August 1st.

How to apply:

Nominations must include the completed nomination form accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • A letter of recommendation
  • A narrative summary of about 1,000 words, including accomplishments, period of activity, and significance of achievements
  • A list of publications
  • A brief chronological resume
  • Letters of support (support letters recommended but not required, no more than five)

Presented: Winter Meeting

Award Winners

2014 – Dean Mitchell
2009 – Rolf L. Zeisler
2006 – Gunter H.R. Kegel
2004 – George H. Miley
2001 – Richard G. Helmer
2000 – Lane A. Bray
1996 – Amares Chatt
1993 – Allen Brodsky
1993 – Shiori Ishino
1990 – Martin Berger
1989 – Payasada Kotrappa
1989 – John C. Dempsey
1988 – Ari Brynjolfsson
1987 – B. Stephen Carpenter
1987 – William L. McLaughlin
1985 – John H. Hubbell
1984 – Robin P. Gardner
1983 – Harold E. Johns
1982 – Russell L. Heath
1981 – Howard O. Menlove
1980 – William S. Lyon, Jr.
1979 – John W. Cleland
1978 – Charles Artandi
1977 – Enzo Ricci
1977 – Richard L. Hahn
1976 – Godfrey N. Hounsfield
1975 – Joseph Silverman
1974 – Harold Berger
1973 – Arthur Rupp
1972 – Powell Richards
1971 – Bernard Manowitz
1969 – Raymond C. Goertz
1968 – Robert F. Nystrom
1967 – A. J. Tavendale
1967 – G. T. Ewan