Opportunities for Involvement

There are always opportunities for work with the program committee, paper reviews, and future division activities. If you are interested in working in or with the IRD, please visit the Contact Us page.

IRD leaders are elected by division members. New members are welcome — and encouraged! — to serve on the volunteer committees that support the Division’s goals. Committees include:

  • Program—Organize topical meetings, plan technical programs, special sessions, short courses, topical meetings and paper sessions for national meetings.
  • Technical Committees—Assists the program committee in developing technical content for specific topic area. Members of technical committees do not need to be an Executive Committee member.
    • Industrial Measurements and Applications
    • Nuclear and Atomic Analysis
    • Radiation Effects
    • Transuranics
    • Safeguards, Forensics, and Non-Proliferation
    • Research Reactors
    • Isotope Production
    • Neutron Sources, Neutron Beams, Applications
    • Gamma and Neutron Imaging Applications
    • Development and Applications of Nuclear Technology for Life Sciences
  • Communications—Actively involved in keeping the website and newsletter updated and informing members of upcoming events.
  • Executive Committee—Plans the division activities and supports the division officers.
  • Finance—Help the division allocate and solicit funds for future events and conferences.
  • Honors and Awards—Apply for Radiation Science & Technology Award
  • Membership—Help inform new industry professionals of the division’s activities and actively solicit new participation.
  • Scholarship—Coordinate the solicitation and appointment of scholarship winners.